RHoK December 2012 results

The documentation presented here are the results achieved during the hackathon. However, the project developers are interested in continuing them, so if you’re interested in any of them, don’t hesitate in checking the github repositories or contacting them directly.

The three projects:


The first project, Agronautes, was defined by pezestudio, and 12 people from different background (architecture, computing, electronics, design) participated. The results of the project are available here, and the available code in github. The project consists in the reformulation of the relations among people and their natural environment through «agrodomestics». These are ecological, open source infrastructures. The project consists in the development of open hardware and free software for monitoring these infrastructures and providing its visualization trhough the Internet in an open basis. During the RHoK, different domestic opportunities were explored.

VoxCivica challenge

The VoxCivica challenge, defined by VoxCivica, was developed by a working group (see original document -in spanish-), and 5 people were involved in the development. The documentation is available here and the code in github. The project consists in downloading and opening data from different sources (SEPE, Justizianet) related to unemployment and evictions, formatting them in a way that anyone can work with them. The target was to relate this data so as to visualize them by town or province and correlate the amount of unemployment and evictions historically.

Mobile crowdfunding

The third project was defined by hazloposible (which means «makeitpossible» in spanish), and it’s part of the tu código va a cambiar el mundo initiative («your code is going to change the world» in spanish). Two people were involved in this project during the hackathon, which have documented here the results, and the code has been uploaded to github (application and server). The project consisted in enabling mobile access to an existing crowdfunding application, so people can contribute with mobile phones or tablets, and they can use the mobile version of Paypal.

Thank you very much for making this possible!!!

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