Can you face up to 125 challenges?

Can you create a blog without words? Is it feasible to organise an interesting project without having the support of a professional team of creative individuals who are willing to go farther and do more? Can true success be achieved without bearing in mind the failures and mistakes that must be overcome?

125 Blog doesn麓t look to answer all these questions, but through texts, pictures and videos, it aims to define life at the University of Deusto and spread the news about the road we have all travelled together to reach this milestone- the 125th Anniversary of Desuto. We are pleased to invite you to join us in sharing memories, reflections and the chance for meeting together.

The Blog, which uses the experimental title 125+ for the first time marks a challenge. A challenge for the University community and for you. Why? The answer doesn麓t have anything to do with marketing strategies. It comes from the sincere desire to share our memories, ideas and achievements with you. In this sense, the hypothetical and de facto structure of the Blog is based on three different aspects which blend to form the characteristics that describe the University of Deusto. Three categories that show a 3D image.

125 + Encounter During our Anniversary celebration, we will keep you informed about possibilities for on-line and off-line meetings so that you can enjoy the social, academic and cultural activities being organised at the University of Deusto as part of the 125th Anniversary.

125 + Memories History might sometimes make us feel that we have not moved forward. But this is not the case, because we are affording you the opportunity to discover the university memory of Deusto as a hands -on interactive experience. The history of our University has its own character: funny stories, memories that were recorded, people who speak about our recent past or their university experience, etc.

125 + Reflection Traditional ways of thinking are changing to meet the pace of the social transformations taking place on a daily basis. For this reason, we want to contribute with new ideas about research and application of knowledge. UD professors and students will speak about their experiences. We are pleased to offer you direct access to information that can benefit you personally while contributing to improving society in general.

The 125 Blog is not just a blog to celebrate the anniversary of the University of Deusto but a platform for reflection, debate, knowledge, connection, sharing and remermbering. Through interviews, articles, texts, images and videos we are showing you the newest developments at the University of Deusto while sharing our ideals, vision and future hopes with you.