Walk for your health

Like in Deusto Bilbao Campus, from San Sebastian we also work in the program Healthy Deusto: Walk for your health. Join us!

You have the chance to participate twice in a year: on the first and second semester.

How does it work?

This year the is going to work a little diferent than the years before… We don´t use a pedometer anymore! This year we are using an app on the cell phone to count the kilometers. The rest is the same.

You have to sign up in our offices and you will have the chance to put yourself an objective. You have one week to achieve it and in case you do it, you will receive a prize depending on the level of your objective.

We propose you three different objectives, depending on your life style:

  1. Low. 35km/week. If you achieve this objective you will get: an scarf or Deusto gloves.
  2. Medium. 60km/week. If you achieve this objective you will get: Deusto 4G pen-drive.
  3. High. 80km/week. If you achieve this objective you will receive: Deusto T-shirt.

If you reach the objective you will be participating in a three sweatshirts draw.

Come to Sports office to sign up from october 1 to 28.