College Championships



  • 2015-2016

The Derby is played between Deusto San Sebastian and Deusto Bilbao in some different sports such as, football 11, football 7, indoor football, basketball, tennis and paddle. It took place in different sports centres of San Sebastian.

It is an sport competition between both campuses, and the objective is to establish new relationships between students of Bilbao and San Sebastian apart from selecting which teams will defend the university in the Vasque Championship.

This year the activity was the 16th of December. We could not organize the lunch because of the big number of participants. However, after the Derby the participants received a bag with the lunch.

These are the results of the day:

  1. Football 11 2-2. Winner on penalties Bilbao.
  2. Football 7 3-1. Winner San Sebastián.
  3. Woman Indoor Football 3-3. Winner on penalties Bilbao.
  4. Men Indoor Football 1-5. Winner Bilbao.
  5. Women Basketball 39-73. Winner Bilbao.

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  • 2014-2015

In the year 2014, the Derby was celebrated the 12th of February and after that the participants had lunch in Txiskuene Restaurant. Here the results:

  1. Football 11 0-2. Winner Bilbao.
  2. Football 7 4-7. Winner Bilbao.
  3. Indoor Football 6-12. Winner Bilbao.
  4. Basketball 51-56. Winner Bilbao.

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Basque Championship

The Basque Championship is played every year in the middle of February. This championship includes different sport modalities and is played by UPV, Mondragon University and Deusto. Every year is organized by one university.

During the year 2014, the championship was celebrated the 20th of February in San Sebastian, and organized by UPV.

Our campus competed on Handball and Rugby 7. Even though all the matches were interesting, the women handball team was the most successful. They managed to win for the first time against UPV, so they became Basque Champions. This victory gave them the chance to compete on the Spain University Championship. Furthermore, they managed to win against the Cantabrian team so they continued in the championship. Congratulations!

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Spain Championship

These championships are organized by the universities that take part in the championship with the help of the Spanish Sport University Committee. For team sports, to participate you have to win the Basque Championship and then another match against another winner of the North area.

To participate in individual sports you have to fill some requirements and then go forward in the sports qualification. For more information: CEDU.