Sport Centres

If you want to go to the gym, to the pool or take group classes such us yoga, aerobic or zumba you are in the ritgh place. This options are only available for Deusto University people. We offe you to different formats: daily tickets or monthly membership.


If you want to use the daily option follow this procedure. Choose your gym with the information we offer you. After that, you should come to the office with your university card to ask for the tickets. You will pay the entrance in the gym, showing both: your card and your ticket.

With the dayli ticket you can go to the following gyms: La Piscina, R. C. Tenis S.S., Centro Amara Wellness Femenino and Gimnasio Femenino Onbide. In this catalogue you have all the information.


If you want enroll monthly, you will have to come to Deusto Campus Sports office to sign up. . Each gym works differently, in this catalogue you have all the information.