An agreement with Goiburu Golf club have been signed up and from now on workers, teachers and studets from the university have the opportunity to enjoy some advantages. For entry to the installation you will need to present the Deusto card at the reception. In case of loss, ask at Deusto Campus Deportes to obtain the pass. The schedule is the following: from monday to friday from 09.00 to 18.00

Free acces to the school of pratice

In the school of practices you have the possibility to kick, to approach and to give balls. Also for one euro you will have the possibility to buy 24 balls. As for the sticks, they will leave you free to practice.

Possibility of courses (minimun 4 people per group)

To participate in the courses, you will have to agree with the teachers to decide the days and the hours that will be given the classes.

Telephone to arrange classes: 943 300845 with Rosi or Andrea.

The periods of the courses are as follows:

  • From october 17 to february 17.
  • From february 20 to may 19.

These courses are half an hour each week or one hour every two weeks. The course costs 28€ per person per month.

The field output

There are different prices in reference to the exit to the Field, which are the following:

  • Price to make the 9 holes € 20.
  • Price to make 18 holes 27,50 € (9 holes would be repeated)

To be able to leave the field it is necessary to have the license up to date and the Handicap.

How to go

  • Private transport (see address below)
  • Public transport:
    • Train: Take the train to Tolosa and get off at the second stop of Andoain (Apeadero) and from there 20 minutes walking downhill until you reach the golf club.
    • Bus: Take the green train to Tolosa, which is not direct, and get off at the third stop of andoain, next to the eroski, and from there 15 minutes walking up hill to reach the golf club.

Visita Virtual:       


Club de Golf Goiburu (campo de 9 hoyos)

Bº San Esteban – Goiburu, s/n

Andoain 20140 (Guipuzcoa)

943 300 845