To relax we offer you two possibilities:

Thalassotherapy circuit

You can ask the tickets at Deusto Campus Sports. The Spa is located in La Concha, this is the website and here you have all the information about the ticket.


Our website is

Electrofitness Sessions:

-25 € / session (acquiring bonus of 4 sessions of € 100).
€ 17 / session Deusto Student promotion
(Price of the 4 session bonus € 70).

-20 € / session (acquiring a bonus of 10 sessions of € 200).
€ 13.5 / session Deusto Student Promotion
(Price of the Bonus of 10 sessions € 135)

Each session includes weight control and body composition.
In addition, a 25% discount on our services and treatments at HIDRODIET.

Massage center (Susana Ortiz)

Relax or recover from an injury is Susana Ortiz Centre. You will receive a 10% discount on the service you choose. You have the information in this link. 

Massage center (SoccerWorld)

Another way to relax or recover from an injury is Haizea Peña Centre. You will receive a 10% discount on the service you choose.Usually one-hour treatments cost € 42 (with a 10% discount € 37.80). It is not usually done lower sessions except for specific cases such as sprains in which case the session does not exceed 30mins and costs 32 € (with 10% discount 28,80 €).

Relaxation in the university

We give the chance to receive a course of relaxations and stretching in our campus, with low prices, in which the teacher is Peio Arnaez (Responsible of the Culture area).