Men Rubgy 7

The men rugby team started during the 2012-2013 academic year and they represented the university in the Basque Championship. Some years have passed but they still continue playing as a team.

This year the University of Deusto signed with Bera Bera Team and agreement so the students of the university will be able to train and play with the Bera Bera team while you continue being part of the university team. You can see the photos here.


Women Indoor Football

The team was formed on 16th of December of 2014. Here you can find the photos.

First official matches took place in Vasque Tournaments among universities. Because of the high level of the teams, we were not able to win. You can find the photos here.

After that, they played the UNIJES tournament and even though having played very well they did not manage to win. Photos here.


Women Basketball Team 

This year we formed a women’s basketball team. The players are students of the university, who apart of playing for our team, they do it for their own teams. The manager is Jon González, who is also student of the university.

The first match was against Deusto Bilbao in the match called Derby, they lost and they will not have the chance to play in the Basque Championship. It is just the beginning, come on girls.


Women Volleyball Team

For the first time, this course (2015-2016), we formed a team of volleyball. The big group of girls is formed by students of first and second year of ADE, Communication, Tourism and Social Work, with some exchange students.

With the first training , the 5th of October of 2015, the team started. Good luck!


Women Handball Team

The women handball team of the university started on the course 2013-2014. The photos of the first training are available here.

The 20th of Februaryof 2014 took place their first official match in the Basque Championship where they won their matches. They played against UPV, you can see the photos here.

After that, the team played the team played a match to access the Spain Championship. You have the photos here.

In the final round of the championship in Madrid, they did their best but after playing against one of the best teams and after some injured player, they lost.

This year (2014-2015) the team could not win the Basque Championship. Even though they won against the team of Mondragon they could no beat the UPV. You can see the photos here.