Ended Trips


* Derbys (February 13 th )

Encuentros entre Deusto Bilbao y San Sebastián. Ver HERE

* Foreign Welcome Party (February 14 th)

Sport, Dinner and Party.  Photos HERE

 * Ski (weekend from February 15 to 17)

Jaca (Astún). Photos (at the moment without photos!)

* Cptos de Euskadi Universitarios (February 21)

Meetings between the universities of the Basque Country in Donostia. Photos HERE

* Karting (February 23 )

Olaberria Vilariño circuit. Photos HERE

 * Ski (weekend from March 8 to 10)

Jaca (Astún). Photos (at the moment without photos!)

* Passage coast Pasajes (March 23)

I walk along the Sagües coast to Pasajes. Photos HERE



* Foreign Welcome Party (September 13 th)

Sport, Dinner and Party.  Photos HERE

* Companies that get wet (September 16 th)

Crossing. Photos HERE

* Surfing (September 22 th)

Beach La Zurriola.  Photos HERE

* Salsa, Merengue and Bachata (1º Semester, Course 18-19 )

Disco Bataplán. Photos HERE

* University Surf (October 21)

Beach of Zarautz. Photos HERE

* University Surfing Championship (October 21)

Beach of Zarautz. Photos VIDEOS

* Departure Horses (November 24)

Departure through Mount Lasarte. Photos HERE

* Final Football 7 (December 12 )

In SoccerWorld. Photos HERE

* Farewell Party Foreigners (December 13)

Petritegi cider house. Photos HERE