For being part of Deusto Campus, Sports area has a shop which benefits go to solidarity. These products can be acquired in our office and with this purchase you will be collaborating with a project in Guatemala (Puente Belice), where they are living in a very poor situation. The money goes to help in education and job placement of youngest people with the built of a school where apart from receiving an education they have the chance to get a job. The project is supported by NGO Alboan and also by Rafael Landivar University which’s ground is being used to build the school.

Deusto Products

The products are exclusively from Deusto University. On the following catalogue you can see the products and their price: Deusto Products.

Deusto Joma Products

This products are from an agreement between Deusto and Joma, You can purchase the following sports articles: catalogue.

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