Yoga Iyengar in the university

Tusdays from 13.30h to 15: 00h. every week.

Location: Theater Room of Deusto Campus (Campus San Sebastián)

The course has already begin and it will end on may.

You can have a class to try on for free.

A millennial discipline that leads to the development, harmony and integration of all facets of the human being through the total involvement of consciousness in asanas and respiratory disciplines.

It will serve to:

  • Maintain and recover health of muscles, joints, internal organs and spine
  • Avoid deterioration of elements of our body as well as internal organs and spine
  • Strengthen and give resistance to the nervous system
  • Soothe and relax the stresses of everyday life
  • Increase the awareness of our body

During this first period of the course there will be a first contact with yoga through:

  • Standing postures
  • Leg Stretches
  • Works on the joints of the pelvis
  • Development of abdominal power
  • Twists
  • First inverted postures.
  • Regular practice of relaxation.

Price per one class per month: 20€/ month

Limited places !!

Also mention that within the offer of different gyms there is a possibility to assist to these kind of activities: Hegalak, La Piscina (Real Club de Tenis), Centro Amara Wellness and Polideportivo Zuhaizti.

Woman practicing yoga on the beach
Woman practicing yoga on the beach