DeustuSare aims to be a meeting point for members of the university community to exchange job services and seek mutual help.

This special section gives you the chance to offer and request care, training, support, companionship, etc.


 Private lessons: This category will include ads requesting or offering private classes (languages and other subjects).

 Aid for the elderly: This category will feature ads to accompany the elderly, assistance in specific circumstances, help when moving about…

 Aid for the disabled: This category will show ads offering to accompany the disabled, help them to move about or study.

 Child care: This category will include to care for or collect children.


– All of the contact persons inserting ads must give their authorisation to the Social Action and Inclusion Service.

– Ads will be published in the blog as well as in the facebook page Deusto Club Mundus como en tu casa.

– The services rendered may be carried out by non-professionals.

– The arrangement between the persons requesting and supplying the service, etc. will be by mutual agreement.

– The persons requesting and supplying the services, etc. will assume the final responsibility.

– Once the ad has been answered, the person offering the service, etc. must notify the Social Action and Inclusion Service.

– The Social Action and Inclusion Service and the University of Deusto will act as the exclusive intermediaries between persons requesting and offering services. In the case of problems between the parties, the service and the University may not be held liable.

All ads will be shown on our blog:

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