Women and Basque cooperativism looking towards Europe: building a shared agenda

On 10 March 2020 a seminar on women and cooperativism was held at the University of Deusto: “Women and Basque cooperativism looking towards Europe: building a shared agenda”. Women such as Paloma Arroyo, director of COCETA (Spanish Confederation of Associated Work Cooperatives) and Malena Riudavets, vice-president of COCETA and member of the ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) Gender Executive Committee, were invited as speakers on this day. 

In addition, a group workshop was developed to address issues such as the opportunities that cooperatives offer to women and the priorities that should be taken into account when developing a future common agenda. The seminar was organised by the EDISPe team and the Jean Monnet EUCLIPE Chair from the same university. As the speaker Paloma Arroyo pointed out, this society was given to us to transform it, not to maintain it. 

Professors from the University of Hong Kong come for a research stay at the University of Deusto

From 4 to 14 June 2019, the experts on European issues Stefan Auer and Nicole Scicluna were on a research visit to the University of Deusto. 

On the one hand, Stefan Auer is Associate Professor of European Studies and holder of the Jean Monnet Chair at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures of the University of Hong Kong. His main research projects focus on Central European liberal nationalism, solidarity and democracy in Europe and the crisis of the European project. In addition, Professor Nicole Scicluna received her PhD in International Relations from La Trobe University (Australia) in 2013. Her teaching and research interests include European integration, EU law and policy, and the relationship between international law and international relations. 

Moreover, the two professors have met with the EDISPe team (Social Development, Economy and Innovation for People), as well as with the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law, to see the possibilities of future collaboration in research and teaching.

Publication of the book “Citizens’ Reflections on the EU ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections”

On 12 April 2019, the book “Dialogues with the citizens: Elections to the European Parliament in 2019” was presented for the first time at the Ignacio Aldecoa Cultural Centre (Vitoria-Gasteiz), with the participation of professors from the Jean Monnet EUCLIPE Chair and the University of Deusto, such as Professor Laura Gómez.  

In its pages, the book first reflects on Europe and then focuses on the 2019 European Parliament elections and deals with European policies (sustainability, security and equality). 

Through this publication, which brings together the work of 28 Basque researchers, the aim is to disseminate the main issues being dealt with by the EU, with the main aim of bringing Europe closer to Basque society and thus encouraging the participation of Basque people in the future of Europe. 


This book places the European Pillar of social rights within the frame of the current integration of the European Union, building for the lector a strong understanding about the meaning of its approval, range and applicability. Therefore, there is an analysis of how contributes to the European law and European social politics as well as economic governance, which is required to follow European integration.

Once this frame has been analysed, the book focus on which has been considered as the main challenge of the European Union after the 2008 crisis: the employment. In addition, its studies deeply the ten principles of the job market in the chapters ‘’Igualdad de oportunidades y de acceso al mercado de trabajo2’’ and‘’Condiciones de Trabajo Justas3’’

Finally, it offers a valuation of how implement it through the current economic tools of the European Union, observing, nevertheless, the harmony of this policies with the European Semester and making recommendations for its development among the European members.

This work has been elaborated in a multidisciplinary way, mainly legal but taking into account economic and social sciences perspective. Therefore, in this book has been conceived thanks to a mixed methodology, with legal analysis and analysis of content and stadistics.

Book name – The European Pillar of Social Rights. Contribution to Employment and the Job Market

2Equality of Opportunities and Access to Jobs

3Fair Job Conditions

The EUCLIPE Jean Monnet Chair publishes a chapter about social innovation for the employment in the European Unión

Las profesoras Marta Enciso, Aitziber Mugarra y Laura Gómez, integrantes de la Cátedra EUCLIPE han publicado el siguiente capítulo “Innovación social para el empleo en la Unión Europea. El caso del cooperativismo y la economía social” en el libro ”Nuevos horizontes y perspectivas para el derecho en el siglo XXI” (pp. 277-290. Thomson Reutes, Pamplona, 2018)

The professors Marta Enciso, Aitziber Mugarra y Laura Gómez, members of the Euclipe Jean Monnet Chair have published the following chapter ‘’Innovación social para el empleo en la Unión Europea. El caso del cooperativismo y la economía social”1 in the book ”Nuevos horizontes y perspectivas para el derecho en el siglo XXI”2 (pp. 277-290. Thomson Reutes, Pamplona, 2018)

This performance derives from the research investigation SI-Drive, financed by the European Commission under the VII Marco Program dedicated to social innovation, being related to impulse job creation. The chapter begins studying how the European Union has participated in the realms of social innovation and social economy since the 2008 crisis, observing how the problem of unemployment is solved. In this frame, the chapter explore the main principles of elements and results of the SI-Drive project in order to contrast them with successful performances that show in practice the accuracy of the investigated aspects in the Basque country

1Social Innovation for the employment in the European Unión. The co-operationist and social economy.

2New Horizons and perspectives for the Law in the XXI century