ELSA Deusto (Bilbao) and the EUCLIPE Jean Monnet Chair organise a debate session under the title “Sharing Economy and Competence” with the aim of sharing a legal perspective on the subject in order to disseminate knowledge and promote a critical thought.

The First International Round of Seminars and Conferences, organised by the European Law Students’ Association, ELSA, in collaboration with the EUCLIPE Jean Monne Chair, was inaugurated on March 21. Among the activities encompassed in the International Round, the first debate session of Sharing Economy and Competence may be found.

During the First Panel chaired by the ELSA Deusto (Bilbao) President, Alexandru Soroiu, the Economy professor, Aitziber Mugarra, introduced the public to the ins and outs of Sharing Economy and presented the evolution of the concept regarding the new business practices. Likewise, Maria Pilar Canedo, Board Member of the National Commission on Markets and Competence, talked about sharing economy as a benefit or a risk for the citizen.

The Second Panel was chaired by the postdoctoral researcher of the EDISPE team, Ana Vidu and it was formed by the Principal Economist at Ofwat, Mateo Silos, and the President of the Basque Federation of Taxis, Borja Musons. This debate focused on the dillema of “Taxi and Uber, a complicated relationship”.

Finally, the attendants had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with participants. All of it contributed to a reflection on this phenomenon from an economic and legal perspective, under the EU regulation and, also, on how new regulations should be tackled  in order to benefit the citizen and protect their rights and facilitate a better access to quality services.

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