The EUCLIPE Jean Monnet Chair has participated in the Cooperativism and Social Economy: Business and Legal model of governance organised by the Institute of Cooperative Studies of the School of Law and in collaboration with the Basque Government. The objetive of the course is to promote the social business model and economy alternatives among the students of the diferrent Law titulations.

The professors Marta Enciso and Laura Gómez focused on Public polcies and and social economy emphasising the UE experience. By these means, they visibilised the actions performed by the EU since the beginning of the crisis to reinforce an ecosystem which allows the development of Social Economy. Likewise, special mention was put forward about the Initiave for social entrepreneurship or the Package for Social Investment. Also, the students have worked on the Council conclusions on ‘The promotion of the social economy as a key driver of economic and social development in Europe’.

As a specific case study, the students were proposed to work on the experiences of the third sector in providing social services in Biscay. Concretely, they were introduced to the main drivers and obstacles for the co-creation with the public sector, extracting recomendations for the formulation of public policies that promote the colaboration between the Administration and Social Economy. These experiences derive from the work performed inside the  SOLIDUS project funded by the EU Commission in the Horizon 2020 Programme.

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