On May the 14th, Deusto Business Alumni has held the presentation of the book ‘’Ganar el futuro’’1, written by Joaquín Almunia, ex-commissioner of Economy and Monetary Affairs and exvice-president of the European Commission. Almunia make us thinks about several principles aiming to understand the future of Europe through the European Union. It is wise to keep looking with optimism the future of Europe? How can we ensure the economic growth and employment with damaging the welfare state? It is possible to strenghten the legitimacy of democracy of the European Union? Those questions are analysed through the book, which could be described as an optimist and solid speech about Europe. The publication of the book coincides with the development of the shadow of Euroesceptism.

During the presentation of the book, a debate was organised in which Laura Gómez, member of the Chair, participated. Ramón Jauregui; Eurodeputy for the PSOE, Luke Uribe-Etxeberria; member of the basque parliament for the PNV and the author of the book participated as well. The debate was dynamic and didactive. We could highlight the reflexion shared by the book’s author in which he manifested the great influence that the European Union had on his generation and its development. We could mention also the mention to the challenges that social-democracy will have to face and the danger of Euroesceptism.


1- ”Gain the future”

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