On March 5, the EUCLIPE Jean Monnet Chair was visited by the School of Law alumnus Markel Redondo as a guest professor. Markel Redondo studied the Bachelor of Law with Economic specialisation and, currently, is responsible for projects at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development. At this insitution, Markel works on projects related to refugees, asylum and integration of migration.

During his stay, Markel participated as guest professor for the Public International Law course taught by professor Joana Abrisketa. In the class, he explained the key concepts of  Asylum Law and its application in practice to the first-year students of the Bachelor of Law with Economic specialisation. At the end of the session, the students answered his questions about specific cases on asylum requests.

Likewise, Markel Redondo participated in a formation session under title of Policy Action in the EU from the perspective of an Intergovernmental International Organization. During the session, he talked to the students of the Loiola Legal Clinic about his job experience at different international organizations and it ended with dialogue with the participants.

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