Integrating the EU perspective into the research activity

On March 6, the Jean Monnet Chair has held the PhD Workshop for The inclusion of the EU perspective in the research activity which resulted from the proposal of the School of Law. It was integrated into the programme of the PhD in Business and Economic Law and offered to all the post-doctoral researchers by means of the Deusto International Resarch School (DIRS).

The professors Laura Gómez and Aitziber Mugarra worked with researchers from several disciplines (Law, Psychology, Education…) who attended during the course. The professors aimed to work on the following competences with the attendants: 1) Relating the ongoing research with the EU research priorities evaluating their lineup; 2) Using the sources and resources offered by the EU for research; 3) Incrementing the European research projection.

To that purpose, the professors have firstly introduced an example of internationalisation that was used in the EDISPe (Development, Economy and Social Innovation for People) research temas and the keys to the competences to be worked on. Subsequently, the researches intervened in a world café format applying the europeanisation keys to their investigations and receiving feedback from the rest. The world café started with people from the same discipline switching to other multidisciplinary groups with purpose of enriching the methodological suggestions received by the each researcher. The key words and resources detected by the researcher for integrating the European in ther research were shared in the session in the format of answer garden.