The ex-Eurodeputy Paquita Sauquillo shares her vision about the social challenges in Europe

Paquita Sauquillo, lawyer, President of the NGO ‘’Movimiento por la Paz, el desarme y la libertad1’’, ex-senator and ex-Eurodeputy, has been invited by the Chair Jean Monnet EUCLIPE on May 21st. This event has been sponsored by EP to campus program of European Parliament Former Members Association.

Through her visit, she has shared her point of view over the 4 Challenges of the Social Europe. She has commented her worries about migration, climate change and unemployment, starting since the achievements of Europe, being the only continent in which the welfare state it is present, promoting citizenship and solidarity.

Sauquillo expressed the need of proactivity in order to make us responsible for the future of Europe, making special attention to the anti-European movements and the next European elections.

During the days, Paquita Sauquillo has participated in a colloquium with professors of the Law Department and a lunch colloquium some students of the Deusto University’s dormitory.


1 Movement for Peace, disarmament and freedom.


Colloquium celebrated in the Colegio Mayor of Deusto about the economic challenges the EU is facing

On 20 November 2018, a lunch meeting was held at the Colegio Mayor de Deusto to discuss the socio-economic challenges facing the European Union. Professor Laura Gómez Urquijo participated in this meeting together with the Directors of the Colegio Mayor as well as several students from different degrees (Engineering, Philosophy, Economics and Politics, Law, International Relations and Business Administration).

The students shared their vision of the EU and their questions and concerns related to issues such as the Brexit, the refugees crisis, the national sovereignty or the lack of citizen knowledge about the EU.