The Basque Ombudsman, Manuel Lezertua, has given the lecture ‘’The European Justice of Human Rights’’.

Manuel Lezertua is a prestigious jurist in the field of human rights. During his prominent carrier, it must be highlighted that he has been international officer of the Council of Europe, director of the European commissariat for Human Rights and counsel of European Court of Human Rights.

Thanks to his invaluable experience he has given his vision about the main aspects in the current discussion over the Human Rights within the Council of Europe and the European Union.

This conference has been organised by EUCLIPE Jean Monnet Chair and the europeist association Eurgetxo.

The EUCLIPE Jean Monnet Chair participated in a round table for European young people: Learning, Travelling, Trainning, what can Europe offer you?

On May the 29th, the Chair participated in round table co-organized by the hall of Barakaldo, Eurgetxo, Europe Direct and the Chair itself. In this debate, some questions were introduced for the audience such as the voluntary-work and Erasmus programmes.

This session was conceived to deal with four important points: to expand the opportunities of European mobility in the realms of the youth and education, to explain which the conditions are to enjoy these mobilities, to share good experiences and practices and answer the doubts of the audience.

OIn this event, Marta Enciso, member of the chair, Soledad Calderón, responsible for European voluntary services, and María Nieves Saiz- Calderón, EURES counsellor, were the participants of the round table.