Conference – Refugees and the European Union – Answers from Law perspective

Joana Abrisketa, professor of International law and headmistress of transnational law faculty, exposed some key points of the European policies for refuge matters and the issues raised from the massive arrival of refugees after the Syrian war. Then, Maria Nagore, professor of International Law of the Law Faculty, focused on the influence of these polices outside the European region. Both professors presented some measures to improve the humanitarian assistance in accordance with international law.

This conference is within the Cycle of International Conferences: New Challenges of the European Union co-organised by the EUCLIPE Jean Monnet chair and the student law association ELSA (European Law Student’s Association). More than 100 law students, in which we may find Pure Law, Economic Specialisation Law and the double degree of International Relation and Law, had attended the conference with the association EUROGETXO.