Who are we?

Under the name of  “EU Economic and Legal integration for people”, this Law Faculty project has been awarded the Jean Monnet Chair as it aims to create a reflection pole precisely on the matters suggested by its title, that is, economic and legal integration in the EU, and its capacity to contribute to people’s welfare, enhancing meanwhile academic and social debate on innovative proposals. Consecuently, due to its contribution to the European studies and its received distinction this rpoject has been funded through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Its main objectives are:

  • To contribute to the training of critical and creative professionals with EU legal and economic background, focusing on people;
  • To increase EU interdisciplinary research, with an emphasis on the interactions between Law and Economics, to address social challenges;
  • And to promote debate in society on key social questions for EU integration, providing proposals with solid legal and economic academic support

In order to achieve these aims, the Chair develops teaching, research and social debate activities.