Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga

Key Staff

Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga has been teaching Economics and Management subjects in the University of Deusto for 25 years at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD Level, including some specific modules on EU. She also has experience as guest lecturer in various Latin American and European universities.

Currently, she is the Coordinator for Teaching Innovation and Service-Learning at the Law Faculty, leading several projects in which the European perspective is included.

She has developed numerous management skills at the University of Deusto as Director of the Institute of Cooperative Studies, and former Director of the Department of Economic Specialty. At the moment, she is the lead researcher and coordinator of the EDISPE Research Team, officially recognised by the Basque public authorities as a B quality research team.

In her role as researcher, she has coordinated some European research projects related to social issues and currently she is the lead researcher of a multidisciplinary action research project exploring social innovations for inclusive societies in order to spread the experience throughout Europe.