Opiniones de antiguos alumnos de CIDE

Nuestro centro recibe cada año a más de medio millar de estudiantes de muy distintas procedencias.

Los alumnos de la clase A1.1. Semestre de primavera 2013.

Los alumnos de la clase A1.1. Semestre de primavera 2013.

A continuación, podéis leer algunas de sus opiniones sobre nuestro programa académico y otros aspectos que engloban su estancia con nosotros.

La experiencia en CIDE

El programa académico en CIDE

Alojamiento en Bilbao

Lengua y cultura españolas para profesores

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2 Responses to Opiniones de antiguos alumnos de CIDE

  1. Tom Lamancusa says:

    Bilbao is the BEST! There are so many places to go and see, it is full of adventure, fun, culture, theatre, sport, language, etc. If I were to recommend checking out a spot “off the beaten path” as we say, it would be hard to pick just one. Nevertheless, a few examples for great “vistas” views of the expansive greater Bilbao are La Arboleda, Montaje Serantes y el Puente Colgante. Ask any CIDE professor how to arrive to these places and I’m sure they will be MORE than happy to help accommodate. There are so many other places to see and experience it is hard to list them all. My suggestion to any new student in their free time is to get out and walk the streets, stop into a local pub and talk to the bartender, pick up a game of soccer or basketball with some local kids, hang out with your host family if you have one, immerse your self fully and the rewards are limitless. BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE and I have my own personal piece of Bilbao with me at all times. Have fun and experience new lands and new people!

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