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DeustoPush project: what is?

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DeustoPush is a project held by the Deusto Entrepreneurship Center which aims to empower bold social entrepreneurs in their pursuit of self-sustainability of both: their project and its impact, and their entrepreneurial commitment.tecnicas

With this objetive in mind, we develop several lines of work being DeustoPush Social Startup Accelerator the main activity. The Social Startup Accelerator is a training program for ten bold social projects that are interested on enforcing their business side.

Enforcing the business side is easy; we and our mentors accompany them for three moths giving them tools and knowlegde to make their project self sustainable. All the methods «en vogue» are teached: from persuasive interviews to canvas models; from interaction design to user centered innovation. They are valuable for our social entrepreneurs, but an excuse for us!

We are focused on social entrepreneurs to change their profile towards a more social entrepreneurial one. This is: TO BE vs. TO KNOW!

What is a social entreprenurial profile? We understand a profile in terms of values, attitudes and emotional dimension . And a social entrepreneurial profile as the conjuction of social values, entrepreneurial attitudes and the emotinal intelligence required by a social entrepreneur to successfuly perform in their venture and the pursuit of their social mission.

Therefore, DeustoPush program not only gives a higher knowledge of tools and methods to make a social startup successful, but also empowers the social entrepreneur and their team towards a higher social entrepreneurial profile.

How do we do that? We will explain in further posts!


What is… DeustoPush is a project that aims to enforce the environment of a social startup to achieve higher success, a deeper impact and a sustainable perspective. DeustoPush divides its activity in three areas: empowerment of social entrepreneurs, training for social startups and social and responsible financing. DeustoPush Social Startup Accelerator is the main activity of the project and is currently launching the second edition of the programme. For more info here.

What is… a social entrepreneurial profile? Check out the research held by Innovandis and Iglesias

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