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DeustoPush is a practical and individualized program to accelerate social enterprise projects that are stuck or do not know where to start, but still have the potential to change the lives of many people.




In DeustoPush we offer you the possibility to train in the key areas for the development of your social startup with the support of mentors and senior entrepreneurs. The working environment will be marked by the proximity to the university and the students, in order to enable your project progress toward self-sustainability and transformational impact.

DeustoPush is being developed by the Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Deusto  and combines research, training and incubation of projects related to the entrepreneurial behavior.

Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre has the mission of promoting entrepreneurship within the community of the University of Deusto offering the opportunity to explore ideas and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre follows a strategy based on cooperation and networking. This strategy is focused on the promotion of innovative and entrepreneurial culture through training, experience and support to the entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial initiatives.

The scope of DeustoPush is to accompanyy entrepreneurs with a pro-social strong attitude. The companies that promote ethical values​​, solidarity and social justice within the strategy of their organization, and people means the core of the activity, will be promoted and supported.

DeustoPush was launched in 2012 on the campus of San Sebastian and the main two activities are the training and financiation of social startups.

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training cabecera

DeustoPush: we train people to help oganizations to survive.

We find enviroment and community- engaged people who aim to develop an innvative and concious project by creating a new enterprise.

Startup Acceleration

Social startups hybridaze social impact and multiple accounting.

The methodolgy we use in DeustoPush applies business management concepts and tools consequently with the social value pursued by social startups. We innovate and adapt already tested models and methods from business management to social development.

Benefits from participating in DeustoPush Accelerator


Applied methods

DeustoPush accelerator is based on theories of planned behavior. By means, not only of learning how to make your social startups sustainable, but also, of changing your profile towards a more social entrepreneurial promoter.

DeustoPush aims social entrepreneurs TO LEARN about entrepreneurship, besides TO BE more entrepreneurial as well.

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How do we do that? We change the atmosfere towards a more emotional environment and we apply methods such as Lean Startup, Interaction Design,  U Process,  [Social] Business model canvas, Value Curves or generative interviewing  in order to re invent the business modelos proposed by our entrepreneurs.




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