A small story of white stones


With this paperweight, we want you to remember the placing of the Foundation Stone of Deusto FabLab, as the stones belong to the site itself and the base was cut and printed with a laser cutting machine; but mostly, we want to rescue from oblivion an old Roman custom according to which, they marked happy days by placing a white stone at the door of their houses.[1]

Now we want to share our happiness with you because the birth of Deusto FabLab is an exciting project for us, and we also want it to be your home as much as it is ours.

Marcelo Leslabay Lecturer in Industrial Design, Faculty of Engineering, University of Deusto.  



[1] Don Quixote of La Mancha”, part two, Chapter X, quote 35: Among the Romans, the white stone indicated the day had been a happy one; the black stone, a fateful one. The custom became a set phrase (véase II, 63, 1147)

Founding stone laying of Deusto FabLab

Last 27 March, the University of Deusto held the founding stone laying ceremony of Deusto FabLab, the digital fabrication laboratory promoted by the University of Deusto through the Faculty of Engineering, with support from the Biscay Regional Council and Bilbao Town Council, and the collaboration of public and private entities that are part of BiDC Bilbao Bizkaia Design Council.

This event, held at the Faculty of Engineering, was attended by the Rector of the University of Deusto, José Mª Guibert, the Mayor of Bilbao, Ibon Areso, a representative of the Basque Presidency, Unai Rementería, the Dean of the Engineering Faculty, Inés Jacob, and the Coordinator of the new BA in Industrial Design Engineering, Marcelo Leslabay.

At the end of the ceremony, and in testimony of the event, the following were placed inside a glass case:  legal tender coins, local, national and international newspapers, and a record of the proceedings signed by the authorities, which was then taken to the site of the future building, where it will be hosted with a commemorative plaque.

Among the more than 200 attendees were Roberto San Salvador, Vice-Rector for Communication and Language Policy of the University of Deusto; Andoni Aldekoa, Director of the Communication Dept. at Bilbao Town Council; Juan Diego, General Manager of Beaz; Tontxu Campus, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Deusto; José Miguel Erdozain, General Director of IK4 Alliance; Jon Abad and Benicio Aguerrea, Chairman and Coordinator – respectively- of the Basque Designers Association; Matxalen Acasuso, Dean of the Basque-Navarre Architects Association; Aingeru Tudanca, Head of European Financial Advisor of Caja de Ingenieros group; Asier Azaceta, Director of Meetabout; and designers Carlos Alonso, from ADN Design, Ana Roquero from Cookplay, Manu Álvarez from Smotion, Alex Ochoa from Klap, David Tazuecos from DT and Margarita Martinez de LafaCre Welcome address from the Rector of the University of Deusto, José María Guibert, at the Faculty of Engineering.