Aritz Fano Biota: my experience in politics

Aritz Fano Biota
(Aritz Fano, alumno de 2º curso del grado en Relaciones Internacionales)

I have been affiliated to the EAJ-PNV political Basque party for three. I joined it because I think that it is the party that best represents my beliefs and because it is certainly the party that better protects and defends the interests of the Basques and of the whole of the Basque Country. By joining this party I also became affiliated to the youth wing of the party, called Euzko Gaztedi Indarra (EGI). Being part of this great family EAJ-PNV and EGI has allowed me not only to grow up as a person but as a human being in general. I have been able to meet many young Basques who share my ideals and my aspirations. It has also allowed me to gain experience in the personal and professional skills for the degree in International Relations that enable me to understand in a better way the day-to-day of politics in the Basque Country and in the international community.

In the international field, being part of this political party has allowed me to interact and meet young Europeans and non-Europeans who share the ideology of defending the independence of their nations. It has allowed me to meet young independentists Flemish, Catalans, as well as people from the Sahara.

In this way, it has also allowed me to make new young friends, for example members of Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC), and share with them opinions and impressions about the process that Catalonia will hold on 9 November of this year, and to talk about the right to hold a referendum democratically requested by the vast majority of Catalans.

Likewise, The Scottish independence referendum process has allowed me to meet the concerns and the ambitions of young Scots and especially those supporters and members of the SNP (Scottish National Party). It is a process that I believe is absolutely democratic and worthy of admiration. The fact that the government of Downing Street and of Edinburgh have agreed, through meetings and conversations, to hold an independence referendum (requested by the majority of Scottish society), truly excites me.

This process has enabled me to maintain contacts with some young people living in Scotland and to share opinions, concerns and impressions about it. And above all, it has allowed me to meet new people, young people wanting to give up everything in favor of his/ her country.

Undoubtedly, the affiliation to EAJ-PNV and studying International Relations have allowed me to learn more about the politics of my country, Euskadi, and to better the rising challenges the international actors have to deal every day.

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