Lectures by Prof. Michael Snodgrass, Associate Proffesor at Indiana University-Indianapolis

Prof. Michael Snodgrass received his PhD from the University of Texas. He is an Associate Professor of Latin American History and the Director of the Global and International Studies Program at Indiana University-Indianapolis. His research examines the history of workers and migrants in 20th century Mexico. His current investigations explore how the demand for labor in the United States transformed Mexico into a nation of emigrants.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Lecture 1. Tuesday 7th, Room 401: 15:30

1) Across the Border and Back Again: 100 Year of Mexican Emigration to the United States. This talk discusses the history of Mexican migration to the United States from the perspective of Mexico, focusing on how the Mexican government responded to mass migration and how emigration affected rural sending communities in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.

Lecture 2. Thursday 9th, Room 400: 10:00

2) Comparative Immigration and Assimilation in the USA and the EU. This seminar examines the history of immigration to the New World (USA, Argentina, Australia) and compares how those societies attempted to assimilate newcomers from Europe. We then compare that historical experience to more recent developments in Europe, where the reception of immigrants is relatively new and equally controversial.

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