Major geo-political threats

Major geo-political threats

Pablo Pareja Alcaraz, Geopolitics and Foreign Policy Professor at Deusto University, agrees that the following are major current geopolitical problems:

.-The conflict between Israel and Palestine and thus, the civilian casualties in the Gaza strip

‘10 preguntas para entender por qué pelean israelíes y palestinos’

‘¿Qué busca Israel con su ofensiva terrestre en Gaza?’

‘¿Por qué a EEUU y a Europa les cuesta tanto criticar a Israel?’

.-Ebola as a globalized epidemic

.-The emergent countries, BRICS, and the challenges for the international status quo.

The BRICS: challenges for the global status quo:

.-The distribution and limitation of resources, which lead to poverty

.-Global terrorism: The international coalition headed by USA against the Islamic State

What is Islamic State?

.-Failed States

.-Separatist regions, the regions’ Estates and Russia: Georgia and Ukraine

How far does US-EU sanctions on Russia go?

.-The nuclear disarmament led by USA and Russia

.-The negotiation process between FARC, the government of Manuel Santos and the victims’ recognition

Colombia and FARC negotiators launch Norway peace talks

.-Regional nationalistic movements

Will Scottish and Catalan processes encourage Africa’s separatists?

.-Overpopulation and population ageing

.-The democratization of international institutions

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