Prof. Cristina Churruca participated in the humanitarian action professionalisation initiatives meeting

Prof. Cristina Churruca participated in the Humanitarian Action Professionalisation Initiatives Meeting, 10th September Madrid 2014

Following on the successful EUPRHA-NOHA Brussels Conference on Humanitarian Action Qualifications Framework which took place in Brussels on 3-4 June a seminar on Humanitarian Action Professionalisation Initiatives Meeting, took place in Madrid on 10th September 2014.

The aim of the seminar was to engage different humanitarian and other stakeholders interested in collaborating and working together in exploring ways of creating synergies among the different quality enhancement initiatives (like for example the development of standards for agencies, competencies frameworks for humanitarian workers, initiatives for professional development and certification, accreditation of programs, curriculum development and recognition of previous learning ) within the humanitarian sector. The seminar was also an opportunity to present in Madrid the main outcome of the European Universities on Professionalization on Humanitarian Action (EUPRHA) Project: In this context the aim of the conference was to present to the educational and the professional humanitarian sector: the Humanitarian Action Qualifications Framework (HA QF) as a useful tool not only to improve the quality of programmes but also as a pre-condition for the recognition of qualifications and the mobility of professionals.

EUPRHA is a European initiative, coordinated by the University of Deusto under the leadership of Cristina Churruca, funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning programme that seeks to contribute to the professionalization of the Humanitarian Sector by promoting a competences-based framework for the education of humanitarian professionals. It is a network of 30 European universities led by the NOHA Association (Network on Humanitarian Action) including two important humanitarian associations (the Sphere Project and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), a global network of non-governmental organizations) and the NOHA Alumni, a significant body of professionals.

The Madrid meeting was also the kick-off of a new European initiative coordinated by the NOHA network on the new Erasmus + project which englobes the former European Commission Lifelong Learning programme. This project seeks to find solutions to the new needs emerging from the humanitarian sector going a step further to the previous project in which a Humanitarian Action Qualifications Framework was developed aiming at linking the latter to the European initiatives of ESCO, Europass and connected initiatives of CEDEFOP. It promotes the use of the EUPRHA Qualifications framework as a common reference system based on learning outcomes as a translating and classifying device of qualifications levels and systems throughout the humanitarian sector.

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