RRII+LAW students in ROMEMUN 2015

Itziar Sustatxa representing Spain in the Security council and Carlota Marcoartu representing Somalia in the General Assembly, have traveled this week to Rome to compete in ROMEMUN 2015 or Model United Nations. Both are currently studying a double degree in International Relations and Law in Deusto University.  Anything related to the UN is interesting for us, and we thought it would be an original, exiting and enriching experience.


 My name is Carlota Marcoartu, I had the challenge to represent Somalia in the General Assembly , the topic was“ Eradicating poverty and extreme hunger by empowering women”. ROMEMUN 2015, has been my first Model United Nations conference ever. The experience was exhilarating but I had the time of my life. I believe it is an experience everyone should leave at least once!

MUN was not only a creative way to put into practice all the things I now have the pleasure to know but it was also a way to see the world!

 For those of you who do not know: MUN is an extracurricular activity, in which students must simulate UN committees by playing the role of a delegate. Before going to Rome, we were placed into committees and each delegate was assigned a country, along with a topic to discuss within our respective committee. Before the simulation starts every delegate must conduct research in order to be able to write a position paper, meaning the country’s position regarding the topic given to the committee. The competition took place in Rome from the 14th-18 th of March 2015, from 9am-6pm, during that time each delegate had to go with their assigned committee to start the debate and brain storming. Thus not all was researching and competing, there were several social events which were prepared by the organization such as: delegate farewell party, closing ceremony, opening ceremony, visit to Rome etc…

In this academic competition, I have been able to learn in a practical way how the voting procedures actually work within the UN, diplomacy and international relations.  Furthermore I have been able to improve some skills such as: public speaking, debating, writing skills, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership abilities and research, which are key in today’s world. Moreover the opportunity to act as the representative of a country and be able to represent its position on international issues has been without a doubt one of the best learning experiences I had so far. Indeed it opened my eyes, it made me realize the critical role the UN plays, bringing all the countries of the world together in a room to discuss on real issues which affects them all. Believe me; it might seem easy to reach consensus but it is not; it is an almost impossible task to accomplish. Each country seeks for what is best for their country (self-interest), and reaching consensus becomes a challenge. I also had the chance to learn some parliamentary language during the debates such as “the delegation of Venezuela raises a motion to move to un-moderate caucus 10 minutes 1 minute per speaker on women unemployment” or “point of parliamentary inquiry”. Then the delegates would second or object the motion by raising their placards.

 I am unsure of what I will be in 5 years time but I am certain ROMEMUN has been a step in the right direction. In addition it has been a great ADVENTURE!

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