A ceasefire deal for Syria has been reached

Although Syrian civil war had been definitely one of the most decisive issues to discuss in the context of the G20 summit in China, it seemed that the talks between USA and Russia to start a ceasefire did not have the expected development since there were no clear solutions found.

However, in the following days after the Hangzhou summit, the ceasefire became a reality when these two countries affirmed that they had reached an agreement. This means that the new deal would lead to a ceasefire and facilitate a broader military cooperation with the aim of destroying the Islamic State.

There are still significant obstacles in the way of carrying out this last agreement since hundreds of factions are fighting today in Syria and achieving a total cooperation is truly laborious. Nevertheless, the ceasefire is set to begin at sundown on Monday. As the Pentagon announced, a “cessation of hostilities” would have to be held for seven days before the broader military cooperation between USA and Russia would go into effect.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has agreed to comply with the new deal and supports the initiative accorded by both countries.

The city of Hangzhou hosts the 11th G20 summit

World leaders have gathered at the annual G20 summit which is being held in China for the first time. This year’s meeting is primarily dedicated to build an innovative global economy which must include emerging economies in order to create a “healthy and coherent” world system.

Therefore, the event’s agenda is essentially being ruled by economic issues. China’s major aim is to promote strategies which will improve global economic governance and strengthen financial, energy and tax cooperation.

However, economic and financial policy is not the only issue that is being discussed these days. World leaders have the opportunity to socialize and address crucial issues on the global agenda, from the current geopolitical crisis to the issue of climate change. In fact, UK Brexit plan, Syrian war, the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and the need to definitely eliminate ISIS are some of the matters for which world leaders are seeking effective solutions.

Finally, Chinese President Xi Jinping sees this summit as the perfect opportunity to show the world that China is a powerful nation and thus able to take a guiding role in the world economy.