Global education in the spotlight

United Nations education envoy Gordon Brown affirmed on Friday before launching a plan for the largest educational expansion in history that education is definitely the “civil rights struggle of our generation”.

Brown leads currently the international commission on financing global education opportunity according to which, under the new global development goals agreed last year, all children should be receiving primary and secondary education by the year 2030. Nevertheless, presenting the commission’s findings at the UN in New York, he admitted that $30 bn in additional funding was needed in order to achieve the goal of ensuring a full primary and secondary education for every child in the world.

Unless there is a major sudden transformation in education funding, almost half of the world’s children will face the probability of growing up without decent schooling. Gordon Brown affirms that states need to increase their investments in education as well as that it is essential to promote a significant reform of international institutions so as to deliver effective funds into schooling.

Finally, he also remarked the need of an emergency injection of $400m for the 30 million refugee children around the world who are in need of urgent and proper education.