UK: Should prisoners be given the right to vote?

According to David Cameron, prisoners “damn well shouldn’t” be given the right to vote. He said this in December 2013 when the ECHR – which had, for the third time, ruled against Britain for preventing inmates from voting – announced it was reopening 2,281 compensation claims by UK prisoners. John Hirst, a convicted killer, brought to trial the case in 2005 and thus, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against the UK for violation of the article 3 of the European convention on Human Rights. Now, as the date for the general election approaches, the law on prisoners voting is put off for another year. This is the fourth time the European Court of Human Rights has asked the UK that it has to change the law on prisoners voting. Given the fact that Europe is going to be a major issue in the next general election, the decision to put off the changing of the law may suit the government’s interests.

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