US Presidential Elections

The next president of the US will have a lot to answer for: racial violence, police brutality, wars in the Middle East…

 Today, February 1s,t is the Iowa Caucus, an important landmark on the election campaigns because it is the first real test with everyday voters and normally represents what the overall opinions in the rest of the country will be.

The current frontrunner for the Democratic Party is former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. She has been trying for Presidency for several times now, but this year she has an up and coming opponent who is consistently winning support, Senator Bernie Sanders. He has a long history of activism and supports ideals like free healthcare. Furthermore, he is a supporter of social movements such as Black Lives Matter which has given him high popularity between minorities and young people.

Meanwhile, for the Republican Party it looks like there is only one option, Donald Trump. The businessman decided to run for president and has fueled his campaign with racist, xenophobic and even fascistic slogans and ideas while saying he would “make America great again”, which has made him earn the support of a surprisingly big part of the population, who do not question whether his policies are built on logical ideas or not. The second runner for the Republican Party is Ted Cruz, but with the wide gap between frontrunner Trump and him he does not have many chances.

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