Master’s degree programmes

Master in Teacher Education of Secondary School Teachers, A Levels, Vocational Training, and Language Teaching

Director: Zoe Martínez de la Hidalga

This Master´s programme aims to train and equip teachers in the field of secondary education. The current context requires secondary education professionals to exhibit pedagogic expertise as well as specific competences related to diversity, effective communication, coexistence, multiculturalism, new technologies, tutoring and educational guidance, conflict resolution and management, social skills, and emotional education. The Master´s seeks to respond to these demands by facilitating the development of the necessary professional competences in its students that will in turn enable them to carry out the tasks and roles required of the profession.

The Master´s programme is currently on its ninth year of operations (academic year 2017-18) in the Bilbao campus and its eight in San Sebastian. A special track on Educational Guidance has been offered since the academic year 2013-14 to train future guidance counsellors in the realm of secondary education and is currently on its fifth year of operations. Since the launch of the master´s programme, more than 400 students from different backgrounds and expertise have graduated from the course, demonstrating significant contributions in the development of the master´s programme which we seek to further improve in a joint effort between the faculty and its students.

Master in Educational Management and Leadership 

Joaquín Gairín Sallán and Manuel Álvarez Fernández
Coordinator: Visitación Pereda Herrero

The progressive reforms being undertaken by education systems have led to an increased complexity of classroom and organisational management in educational institutions, demanding not only the performance of administrative and budget-related functions among its professionals but also a more involved role in the planning, coordination, and evaluation of the institutions´ human relations, community integration, and innovation. Building on the extensive experience and renowned prestige of its course providers the University of Deusto and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, this fully online master´s programme taught by a team of international experts in the field focuses on the training of future education managers and leaders.

Escudo Universidad de deusto