The research team eDucaR (Deusto Education Research) is the product of a merge between two prominent research teams in education recognized by the Basque Government: the Competence and Values Development team (with a B category in the 2007, 2009, and 2012 calls) and INNOVA (with an A category in the 2009 call). This strategic integration has provided an opportunity for us to pool our research manpower and efforts, build a coherent and multidisciplinary research structure, and fortify our research production and scientific reach. The team members of eDucaR share a commitment to maximise our scientific impact in the field of education sciences. 

eDucaR´s main objective is to generate positive changes in the field of education through the promotion of excellent research that demonstrates a high level of scientific, political, and social impact. We focus on the advancement of knowledge about education that responds to the needs of students as well as the Basque and European societies by conducting studies along the following thematic areas: teaching and learning processes (learning settings, interactive environments, contexts, methodologies, evaluation, among others), educational management models, and educational realities based on historical and theoretical perspectives. Our research activities revolve around the active search for efficient and equitable educational interventions that lead to optimal results.

The underlying theme of eDucaR´s research lines is the improvement of teaching and learning both through education policies as well as professional practices that are attuned to the realities of the classroom.

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