May I translate “may” on the 9th of May?

May I test translating “may” on the 9th of May? Let us see what do we get into Spanish by means of:

  • Translendium > ¿Puedo probar traduciendo “puede” en|sobre el 9 de mayo?
  • Systran > ¿Puedo probar traducir “puedo” el 9 de mayo?
  • Reverso > ¿Puedo probar la traducción “de mayo” el 9 de mayo?

Quite well, don’t you think MaY? Three different outputs, mostly correct. Reverso has done best this time, guess why.  Pitty is not always so easy: May you live in interesting times…

My students are writting good articles in response to my 3rd questionnaire “Provide five translaion examples by MT systems applied to closely related languages and less related languages”:

I should be making some comments in the following days, despite being so short of time. The topic is extremelly interesting though, I may manage!

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