Leisure Studies vol. 38 no. 3

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Multispecies leisure: human-animal interactions in leisure landscapes
Danby; Dashper; Finkel

Individuals, instinct and moralities: exploring multi-species leisure using the serious leisure perspective
Nottle; Young

Tuesdays with Worry: appreciating nature with a dog at the end of life

Sport horse leisure and the phenomenology of interspecies embodiment

Relating to reptiles: an autoethnographic account of animal–leisure relationships

Dance with a fish? Sensory human-nonhuman encounters in the waterscape of match fishing
Markuksela; Valtonen

Shared spaces on the street: a multispecies ethnography of ex-racing greyhound street collections in South Wales, UK
AU: Sands

What ´s in it for the cats?: cat shows as serious leisure from a multispecies perspective

An ecological-phenomenological perspective on multispecies leisure and the horse-human relationship in events
Dashper; Brymer

Becoming horseboy(s) – human-horse relations and intersectionality in equiscapes

An exploratory study of British Millennials’ attitudes to the use of live animals in events
Marinova; Fox

A predator in the park: mixed methods analysis of user preference for coyotes in urban parks
Wilson; Rose

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