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University library 3.0

We will be celebrating in two weeks time (January 27)  the first anniversary of our new University library. It is a good occasion for a quick evaluation of the impact in the university life and I’m going to do so with a vision of future online access to scholarly content. In particular, I will mention the efforts that are being carried out in order to make the new library a true library 2.0, but I will also suggest how to go beyond the 2.0 model so as to approach a much more effective 3.0 model.

Library 3.0

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Linking data in the Tweetsphere

For  a couple of weeks I’ve been twitting (and tweeting) more than usual, because

  1. I’m helping in both Transket‘s and Natouring‘s communication campaigns
  2. I’m trying to understand better when (and how) to use Facebook,  FriendFeed, Delicious, Yammer or Twitter (I also blog and wiki, but these I know when and how).
  3. I’m introducing my students into Twitter, after having introduced them into CiteULike, Delicious; before we go into FriendFeed and GoogleReader. (I’m sorry I’ve given up Twine and Gnoss for the moment; interesting but not fluent). Continue reading