The 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation

Nicoletta Calzolari (@dblp) has invited me again to serve on the scientific committee for the 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation in 2010.

LREC 2010 will be held in Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Malta, on May 17-23, 2010. The committee will consist of experts like yourself, spanning all interests within the LREC 2010 community.  Members will review papers, and help in other conference activities, such as by encouraging submissions, circulating information, etc.

LREC2010 Malta

LREC2010 Malta

I was not too sure to accept the invitation this year, because it takes time and normally one is short of it. However, it is a praise and it is normally not good to say no to such a thing. Once I said no to a similar invitation from SEPLN, and, after more than ten years serving at the scientific committee, was never asked again.

But peer-evaluation also gives the opportunity to keep up to date with research in the field, or at least it helps trying to. I had to check the topics in which I feel more confident… It has not been easy! Machine translation used to be one of my strong matters, however, since 1990 it is mainly carried out through probabilities and machine learning techniques, which I’m very weak at. As a compensation, there are new symbolic realms in which an old rocker from the eighties, trained in unification based grammars and semantic networks, feels much more confortable, such as metadata, ontologies, digital libraries, controlled languages.

Every course I ask my students to visit conference sites as LREC to monitor the evolution of the topics in the call for papers. And this of 2010 is a very comprehensive list that includes many aspects connected with our Modern Languages syllabus. Students, please, take a look:


Anaphora, Coreference
Authoring tools, proofing
Cognitive methods
Controlled languages
Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Digital libraries
Discourse annotation, representation and processing
Document Classification, Text categorisation
Emotion Recognition/Generation
Endangered languages
Evaluation methodologies
Grammar and Syntax
Handwriting recognition
Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Knowledge Discovery/Representation
Language Identification
Language modelling
Lexicon, lexical database
LR Infrastructures and Architectures
LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues
Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Multimedia Document Processing
MultiWord Expressions & Collocations
Named Entity recognition
Natural Language Generation
Part of speech tagging
Person Identification
Phonetic Databases, Phonology
Question Answering
Semantic Web
Sign Language Recognition/Generation
Speech Recognition/Understanding
Speech resource/database
Speech Synthesis
Standards for LRs
Statistical and machine learning methods
Text mining
Textual Entailment and Paraphrasing
Tools, systems, applications
Topic detection & tracking
Typological databases
Usability, user satisfaction
Validation of LRs
Voice Command and Control
Web Services
Word Sense Disambiguation

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    I’m English teacher and I would like to attend to this meeting, but I do not know how to apply for it and the price. If someone could give that information to me, I will be very pleased. Thanks.

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