Back in Spain: Aimee Meiman

Today our guest is a former  Programa de Lengua y Cultura student. After graduating from University of Illinois at Chicago, Aimee Meiman is back in Spain with beca de auxiliares de conversación.


CIDE: Hi, Aimee! When did you study at the University of Deusto? What do you remember about your stay in Bilbao?

Aimee en la visita a Mundaka con la Universidad de Deusto.Aimee: Hi!  I studied at the University of Deusto in the fall of 2012. It was my second time studying abroad but the first time in Spain.  I will always remember the friend I made, the class trips we took, the teachers (and everyone at CIDR), and most of all, the city.  I fell in love with Bilbao the minute I arrived. I am so excited that I’m going back there in September as a conversation assistant.

CIDE: Why did you apply to the Ministry for a conversation assistant grant?

Aimee: I applied to be a conversation assistant almost immediately after I returned to the U.S., in January of 2013. All I wanted was to come back to Spain. So I’ve had the opportunity to come to Galicia to teach English with this programme run by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

CIDE: What is the school you work at like? Where is it? What do you like about the job? What have you found difficult?

Con amigos, en Tui, Galicia.Aimee: I have been working at the Neda High School, in a town near Ferrol, Galicia.  I teach English (and also about my culture and history) to middle and high school students.  What I enjoy most is working with my students.  I just love going to work because my students are great (most of them) and they enjoy my classes.  I’m really going to miss them! Although some things have been hard.  Most of all, I think it is hard to be so far from your family and friends.  I have a nephew who is nearly 2 and it is hard to be so far from him because he is just learning to walk and is growing so fast.  Another thing is to remember that you are here to take advantage of this time abroad. It is so important to know Spanish people and find out about their culture instead of just spending time with friends who are here with the same grant.

CIDE: What are your plans for next year?

Aimee: I am going to be back in Bilbao, teaching at a high school in Mungia.

CIDE: Would you recommend the conversation assistant programme to other students?

Aimee: Actually, I love my job and yes, of course I would recommend the program to other students.

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