Enlarge SEAS: Training sessions in Lisbon

Enlarge SEAS: Training sessions in Lisbon

Lisbon has hosted the first training related to the European project Enlarge SEAS which has taken place from the 14th to the 17th of May. In it, teachers and members of the management teams from very diverse schools in Portugal, Malta, Czech Republic and Spain have met to learn more about the Dialogic Literary Literary Gatherings (DLG) and Interactive Groups (IG) in order to implement them in their schools. There is a lot of enthusiasm to start implementing these Successful Educational Actions (SEAS) in their contexts in order to offer an education based in scientific evidences.

The education professionals who have participated in this training session have shared their doubts and concerns in an egalitarian context. This has been possible thanks to a program that have combined both theoretical training based on science and spaces to debate in which all contributions have been well received. The training session has concluded with a visit to a school that already implements these two SEAS.

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