Visit From Brighton

Clare Griffiths and Brad Crescenzo visited Deusto Entrepreneurship Center last Monday, 18th of July.

Clare is the Business Development Manager (Entrepreneurship) of the University of Brighton from England, U.K. She is also in charge of the management of the university’s extra-curricular entrepreneurship programme called beepurple ( and an enterprise educator.

Brad, is the Operations, Events and Marketing manager for the enterprise team (Enterprise Educators U.K.)

The University of Brighton is aspiring to become an entrepreneurial university, has a successful history supporting and developing entrepreneurial students and graduates, and is currently working towards embedding enterprise education into the curriculum.  It’s also in the process of exploring the possibility of developing their own business incubator for students, staff and local businesses.

So in this recent visit they had interest in finding out these different issues about the University of Deusto in the field of Entrepreneurship:

  • How we do endeavour to install the entrepreneurial spirit in students, as outlined in the strategic plan.
  • How we do develop the broad range of enterprise skills and competencies in all students
  • Learn about the specific activities we have hosted in the new incubator unit for aspiring student entrepreneurs (e.g. such as their student “start-up” days);
  • The DeustoKabi incubator unit space and also the Ingenio Programme.


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