Final Recommendations document

Ya está disponible el documento de las Recomendaciones Finales resultado del Think Tank sobre «Observatorios Culturales» organizado en la Universidad de Deusto

One of the main outcomes of Monitors of Culture is the final Document of Recommendations regarding the Role of Cultural Observatories in the future in Europe. The final document has been produced by members of the policy grouping and selected experts in the field during a Think Tank in Bilbao.

Monitors of Culture is funded by the European Commission under the budget line Policy Grouping and is led by the Institute of Leisure Studies of the University of Deusto in collaboration with some institutions such as the Budapest Observatory (HU), ATER Fondazione (IT), and the Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles (BE). The group aimed to set up a framework for discussion -platform- and exchange of best practices to improve the design and the evaluation of culture policies in Europe.

To access the report, please click here: Final-Recommendations-Bilbao

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