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PhD. Scholarship position for the application of Bioinformatics to Metabolomics

La Universidad Rovira i Virgili nos ha contactado con el fin de encontrar el candidato idóneo. Si has estudiado temas relacionados con procesamiento de señales, análisis de datos, bioinformática o bioestadística, sigue leyendo…

Offering of a PhD. Scholarship position for the application of Bioinformatics to Metabolomics

The SIPOMICS (SIgnal Processing for OMIC Sciences) research group from the Rovira i Virgili University is seeking candidates to apply for a scholarship to obtain the PhD at our research facilities located in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain).

The position is intended for candidates with a Signal Processing, Data Analysis, Biostatistics and/or a Bioinformatics background. The thesis to be developed will focus on data processing for Omics Sciences, mainly for Metabolomics studies where Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and GC/MS data will need to be conditioned, processed, and correlated with clinical biomarkers in order to turn raw measurement data into useful clinical information.

Candidates need to have a bachelor and a master degree to be eligible for the position.

SIPOMICS is a multidisciplinary research group formed by chemists, bio-chemists, computer and telecommunication engineers that has a direct relationship with a metabolomics platform structure ( that collaborates very closely with the 32 best Spanish research groups in Diabetes and related illnesses under a common cyber-institute. Other research interests include Obesity, general Metabolism Pathways and Lipidomics. The group is also interested in functional foods with food-related companies and research groups.

Tarragona is a Mediterranean city with a mild climate, 100km South- East of Barcelona (an hour by car) with a good transportation/communication infrastructure (low cost airlines serve Tarragona’s airport and TGV trains give service to the city) and many cultural and ludic activities, including nice beaches, archaeological museums (with many Roman ruins) and touristic facilities.

Candidates should send their CV to no later than September 1st. A letter of research interest and intentions would be greatly appreciated as well as recommendation letters from tutors or mentors if available.


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