Bucket List: 20 things you must do in Bilbao! (Part 2)

Do you need more places to discover in our city? If you don’t want to miss anything of Bilbao, here you have another 10 fantastic plans to enjoy!

Go to BBK live

Every year at the beginning of July, mount Cobetas becomes a reunion place for all rock, pop and indie music lovers. Bilbao BBK Live has something for everyone! Check the headline online and go at least one day to experience a music festival on top of a mountain. Forget Coachella, but don’t forget your raincoat and your boots, because it will most likely rain! (It always rains during BBK Live). But don’t worry, we promise you will never forget the feeling of singing your favorite songs in the rain. It is really a once in a lifetime experience!

Go to a party and drink Kalimotxo

Kalimotxo is an icon of Basque culture and the most famous drink in the north of Spain. It is very easy to make at home! You just have to buy a brick of red wine from the supermarket and then mix it with coke and you’re done. The proportion is 50/50. You can add some ice to make it extra cold, and don’t forget to drink it in a big glass! You can also ask for kalimotxo at mostly every bar in the city while you enjoy a pintxo, or if you really want to feel the Basque spirit, during a local or regional party. If you like wine and coke, we promise you will become addicted to this drink, so be careful!

Kayak along the river

Did you know that the river of Bilbao is not only a river? When the tide is high, the Cantabrian sea mixes with the river Nervión and reaches the city, making the river water salty as sea water. Many years ago, the river was very contaminated because of pollution from factories, but nowadays, you can kayak right from the middle of the city. We promise you the waters are now very safe! if kayaking sounds like so much sport for you, you can always look for another way to sail it! The company “Bilboats” offer interesting tours at an affordable price.

Learn Basque (or at least a few words!)

When you get to the Basque Country you will at first be very confused by our language. Don’t be afraid of it, it is difficult to learn but truly a very interesting language and and important part of our cultural heritage. If you don’t have time to learn it, find a local and ask them for some typical words and phrases to use in your daily life. For example, when we leave a place we always say agur instead of adiós, even when we talk in Spanish. Try to do so and you will soon start to feel like a true Basque!

Take a look at Teatro Arriaga

This theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It was built at the end of the 19th century, located right next to the river in the city center. The guided visit to the building is 5€, but you can of course find an interesting play and go watch it (in Spanish, probably). It is a very interesting oportunity to enjoy this part of Basque culture.

Try as much traditional food as you can

The Basque country is very famous for its gastronomy. The best part is that most of them are very old traditional dishes, so you don’t have to go to fancy restaurants to enjoy the meal. Search for recommendations by locals and tourists online and try as much food as you can!

Walk along the beach in Getxo and explore Puerto Viejo

A very beautiful plan if it doesn’t rain is to walk along the beach. Take the metro and get off in Gobela station, then walk from there along the sea to Puerto Viejo. It is a very old and traditional part of this fisherman’s village that looks exactly like a set for a movie (we promise it is not). You will not believe this place is just a 20 minute metro ride away!

Visit La Ribera’s market and enjoy a pintxo by the river

Markets like this one are very typical of spanish traditional life. However, La Ribera market has been redecorated and renewed and it is now one of the most fashion places to have a pintxo. Go there and try for yourself!

Visit Azkuna Zentroa (and maybe dive into its glass-floor swimming pool)

Azkuna Zentroa is one of the most fascinating places in the city. It used to be the local alhóndiga (a place to store wine) but today is so much more. Inside the building you can find a library, a restaurant, a cinema, a gym, a shop and a swimming pool. The pool is special, though, because it is located on the top of the building and its floor is see-through, so you can see the feet of the people from below. The columns of the building are also very famous. Each one is different! Go and try to find your favorite one.

Find a cute bar to have breakfast before uni

Bilbao is full of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy very different types of food all day long. If you have time before your morning classes, explore the surroundings of the university and try to find a cute bar or cafteria to have breakfast! The best place to look is the south side of the river (the river bank of the university library, CRAI). Be careful! Don’t arrive too late to your classes!