Top 10 Instagram Spots in Bilbao (Part 1)

Bilbao is a wonderful city to let your creativity flow. Its architecture, that mix of old and new, its light and its valley-like (what we call botxo) situation make our city a great location for pictures.

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1 . Guggenheim Museum

Although this is an obvious one, please enjoy all its angles and shinings.

It is of course the most photographed spot in Bilbao, but due to Deusto Campus location, you are a total privileged iger to take the best shots.

2 . Artxanda viewpoints

This hill over Bilbao will give you one of the most beautiful sights in our city. Either in a sunny day or with a foggy one, you will be able to capture a panoramic scene of all districts, observing the differences between them.

Sunsets here are specially remarkable, and it will offer you an excuse to use our famous funicular, very close to the University.

3 . Old Town

Narrow streets, vanishing points, ancient buildings, special people, nightlife, pure Baque-leisure tradition… Everything you want to shot in just a few streets. 100% Bilbao pics guaranteed.

4 . Gran Vía

Gran Vía is Bilbao’s main street. As the main shopping and financial point in the city, it is always full of all kind of people. This long avenue is surrounded by huge trees that gives the street a special aura and a full range of lights and shadows to play with. A couple of tips: the street is virtually empty on Sundays, so go for it if you want to shoot a clean scenario; during Christmas, Gran Vía is beautifully decorated with unique blue lights that feel very special and create a wintry atmosphere, fascinating to phothograph at night.

5 . La Ribera Market

This reconverted area along the river is becoming more and more popular for both enjoying its non-stop activity and shooting it.

Views from San Antón bridge & chapel, La Ribera market, cool terraces along the river banks… The reflections on the Nervión River will gift you with spectacular pics (also at night!).

It is a commercial reference for the territory of Bizkaia and one of the mosts frequent and special visits in Bilbao.

Inside the market you can find a marvelous place to do your shopping offering you a wide variation of first-rate products, along with a chic restaurant that holds superb jazz sessions for its visitors.