My experience at Deusto!

I never thought I would enjoy this experience that much.

I was serving in Korean army (I was conscripted) and I just wanted to enjoy my life after being discharged from the military.

As you might know, life as a student in Asia (especially in Korea) is very tough. You got
to study really hard since the competitions are very very severe.

I thought my experience in Bilbao would be somewhat like a challenging way to see a side of my major that I had not been exposed to and a great opportunity to see the world. So I chose Bilbao for one semester and this turned out to be one of the best choices in my life!

In Bilbao, I met many good friends with whom I still keep in touch. Also, how could I possibly forget the beautiful attractions in Bilbao and Basque culture!

Pintxos, people enjoying drinks at night during the weekends, old buildings, kind friends, playing football… it has been already a year, but every memories are still vivid!

I became quite fluent in Spanish too.

I really thank University of Deusto for offering me such a great chance. I am definitely going to visit Bilbao again after I graduate from my university.

Gookhyeon Lee